About Us

My name is Peter Poljak and I am the owner of PP Flat Pack. I have always admired the personal touch small independent businesses provide and the quality of service I have received when I am a customer. This desire to serve and to put a smile on your face has been my motivation in business from the start.

After studying furniture fitting and cabinet making for four years, I enjoyed it so much I decided it's what I wanted to make a career in. From that point my path was set and I embarked on gaining as much practical experience as possible. Working for a small family owned carpentry business equipped me with the skills, experience and mindset to put customer satisfaction ahead of everything else. Making a piece of furniture to a customer's satisfaction and then installing it in their home so it could bring them the warmth and excitement they've always wanted was my responsibility. I enjoyed seeing the difference my work made to my customers and I knew I was ready to set up on my own.

After working for the carpentry business for 5 years, constructing and installing hundreds of pieces of high quality furniture, I left the company to set up PP Flat Pack. As an independent business for the last two years now, I have been providing professional furniture assembly services mainly in London. The reputation of my business continues to grow with every job I complete to the delight of my customers.

The question I get most from new and existing customers is, why are you in this business? My answer is simply, "Imagine waking up every morning knowing you will make someone happy today. That's what happens to me every day when i finish the job and the customer has a blazing smile on their face. I'm proud to provide great customer service and professional furniture assembly service in London. It give me great satisfaction and motivation".

When you see a nice comfortable bed, wardrobe or chest of drawers in a catalogue you are immediately drawn to how it would look in your home. At the back of your mind you know it's going to come flat packed and you'll have to assemble it before you start enjoying it. I have made it my mission to eliminate the gap between your dream and the reality. What you see in the catalogue is what you'll get.